Rapid Engagement in Vocational Rehabilitation Module 3 The Essential Role of VR Partners and Providers (QM2023-0302)


Rapid Engagement Module 03: The Essential Role of Partners and Providers is the third installment of a four-part series on Rapid Engagement. The first two presentations focus internally on rapid engagement applied to processes such as eligibility determination and plan development. This presentation focuses on the delivery of services outside of a State VR agency, emphasizing the importance of State VR agencies playing a lead role in the development of partners and resources needed to provide services in the most efficient manner. In addition, this presentation focuses on the importance of understanding current inter-agency processes and improving them to reflect the principles of rapid engagement highlighted in the previous presentations.

Participants are encouraged to read RSA Technical Assistance Circulars 15-01 and 15-02 that provide guidance around resource identification, partnership development and continuous improvement of processes to meet the needs of the customers and reach the vision of competitive integrated employment for persons including those with the most significant disabilities.


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