Pre-Employment Transition Services Program Planning & Set-Aside Determination (QM2023-0901)


This webinar will review key elements from the revised set aside determination guide and Pre-ETS strategic planning guide and how these work in concert for planning. We will also dispel myths, discuss the Effect of Carryover, Reallotment, Relinquished, and Matched Non-Federal Funds on the Pre-ETS Reservation Requirement, and discuss key personnel and stakeholders who should be at the table.

Attendees will: 1. Understand the programmatic and fiscal considerations for forecasting and program planning for pre-employment transition services; 2. Review key elements from the revised pre-employment transition services set-aside determination guide; and 3. Understand the importance of ongoing communication, review, planning, and revision to ensure the reserve funds are set- aside and expended on pre-employment transition services.

Price: Free